Older Voices Volunteering Journal

March 2019 It’s been a few months since I finished my training. I’ve read through my notes a few times and have been in regular contact with Sue. Still, I’m a bit nervous, the day has arrived – first contact. It’s local so chances are I’ve probably met the man before – surprisingly I haven’t.Continue reading “Older Voices Volunteering Journal”

Kildare Cocooners

– Written by Finian Coghlan of the Kildare Nationalist – A Kildare artist is working in conjunction with Older Voices to provide portraits of, and for Kildare cocooners, as they continue to endure the trials of loneliness and isolation. ‘Older Voices’ – a social inclusion initiative of the Council’s LEADER Partnership – which works withContinue reading “Kildare Cocooners”