The Wake “Sorry for Your Trouble”

By Marie Conlon The Wake was a custom where mourners gathered in the persons own hometo keep vigil over their dead until they were buried. It was an important part ofthe grieving process and was seen as a chance to celebrate the dead person’slife and to offer condolences and support to the family. There wereContinue reading “The Wake “Sorry for Your Trouble””

Memories from Donard Co. Wicklow: Rural Electrification of Ireland

By Urcela Nolan Rural electrification was the greatest thing that happened in rural Ireland. Growing up in Donard before electricity came to our village we used oil-lamps.They had to be filled with paraffin oil, a wick had to be trimmed, and the Globehad to be polished. If we broke the globe, we had to cycleContinue reading “Memories from Donard Co. Wicklow: Rural Electrification of Ireland”