Poem 3

– Trish Keane –

Midnight shades

Midnight shades of blue green reds and a hint of purple to stars of silver in moon lightof soft yellows clouds filled with dark shadows of the mist like rain

Bold skys of September air the type that wouldn’t invite you sit down windows closed tightly around not letting chill winds in

Children sleeping slumber deep while some adults find difficult to sleep

Tip toes gently around aww sure another cup of tea I be gone servel cups later the adults cannot switch of worry of what tomorrow will bring knowing full well her worry and laying awake wont change a not a hot

Food will still have feed for sweet tribe

For now sleep is what’s needed and clame the night so the adults cuddles her children and says goodnight to the September midnight Sky

For tomorrow will be by and by

No need to grumble don’t matter or mumble for on tomorrow good things will come the dawn of a new day will all your worries away and lift your heart and Carry You fort a positive good day for now you must bury your head deep in the pillow of sleep and let your body for deep behind it quiet slumber slumber gently slumber deep but quiet some slumber whisper good things into the September night and let the wind carry them across into the new new day tomorrow embrace your heart and know that you are good and all that you have wanted was asleep from worry we and strife

Lay your head down and gently do sleep and think into the dump the slumbered night of the midnight skys above

Everything is still sleeping soundly and so your bag of bones it will follow goodnight.

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