Poem 2

– Trish Keane –

Over fresh fallen pine cones my wheels long to tread

Or through the park after night rains fell

To see and feel the wind swept trees

There leaves bow gentle to soften my face with it’s due

To hear birds squabble and sweek

The rustle of the long grass a feild mice scurry home

To smell the day close in for the evening I breed in the fresh strong breath

I gather myself slowly turn my chair around to see and to smile as the sun goes down

And on my way home again to smell people in their houses frying chips for their tea

My heart sings low as I wind my way home happy and healthy to greet my home again

Oh How I long for the simple things in life that when I had them I didn’t dare think what sadness and sorrow lay awaiting a head now in isolation with no sounds can I hear oh I happily stay in isolation if it saved others lives and rid our beautiful Ireland from the devil disguise

I keep myself in isolation to give so many others the chance to be alive and I take all the lonely and the silence to if only for a moment I could give you life to no matter how difficult my life may be to give one soul life isolation is good enough for me to embrace

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