Poem 1

– Trish Keane –

Warm winds blow across my face the soft breeze enveloped around my face

Eyes closed and face held high a breath a hug of air for my lungs to refresh them

Algiries kicking ins someone near is cutting grass

My eyes start to stream as tho I was crying but they are not tears just algiries popping by just to remind me as if I could ever forget

The air is a treasure and the sky its great jewel and the warm sun its golden god soft is the grass and still moist form its dew sounds of

Birds are all around not a soul to be found swiftly I shall glide and wonder my gaze all round soft sounds of distance cows mowing they stand close together no fear or dread no social distancing to bother their heads life remains as it always was for the cows

Oh how I wish cow I was no bills to pay no worry not a shard just stand close together until time for bed they are calm and no loneliness they show just stand and stare and flick their tails oh the life of a coward simple life

Oh I wish a cow I was to live and dream your days away free from stress and pain and mental anguish oh how lucky the life of a cow grant me one wish and that wish would be the life of a cow for me

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